Full name: Nathan Mesiti

D.O.B: 21/03/1986

Instrument: Bass

Equipment: ESP Basses, Line 6 Helix

When did you start playing?:2001

Why did you start playing?:I found that my year 9 music teacher and I had a mutual love of Mr Bungle, from there I was slowly sucked into being involved in the school music scene.

Describe yourself in 3 words:Irreverent Hug Machine.

Where do you see yourself in 5 year?:In hiding with an extreme cocaine addiction

What is your best trait/ worst habit:Empathy. Thinking i’m indestructible.


Song to play live:De6enerate
Gig you’ve played:My first one. You never forget your first.
Band:One that makes you lose inhibition when you see them live.
Gig you’ve been to:Deftones in 2013, Palace Theatre.
Food/ Drink:Pizza/Water
Quote: “Yeah! I’d love to have hair like that woman who was molested by the kangaroo.” -Jane Lane from Daria.