Brisbane, Ye Gods Of Metal Festival, wrap up

WE ARE BACK IN MELBOURNE after an EPIC weekend in Brisbane.
A weekend full of Drinking, Music, Tomfoolery and general Debauchery… It was awesome to say the least.

We want to thank David Gee and his family for putting on such an amazing show, for putting us up for the weekend and showing us an awesome time in Brisbane.
Kudos to all the awesome bands who played and special horns up to all the folks from In Obsidian and Before Nightfall, you guys are mental.

This was our first time playing outside of Melbourne and we could not have asked for a better opportunity, Brisbane goes OFF!

We figure you are probably hating that you missed this if you weren’t there, or if you’re not from Brisbane.. so here, enjoy this ‘short’ 😉 video Keswick put together from our weekend away.


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