May 4, 2013
Orpheus Omega
Rockstar Records
Number of discs: 1

ResIllusion is the follow up to the 2011 debut, ‘Bleed The Way’. ResIllusion shows the band come into their own sound, honing the elements that made their debut a critical success.
With blaring riffs, catchy melodic hooks thunderous drumming and diverse vocals, ResIllusion proves that Orpheus is continuing to cement their own name and style into this era of Melodic Death Metal.

8/10 Metal Storm

“ORPHEUS OMEGA’s interpretation of Death Metal comes across in refreshing, aggressive and highly melodic manner. The group combines tradition and pinches of modern sounds in very demanding style and adds some experimental elements. 9/10”
Nocturnal Hall

“When news was released that their sophomore full-length album ResIllusion would soon be released, expectations were already at a certain height. I’ll get this out of the way now, ResIllusion does not disappoint”.
Metal Obsession

” A triumph over their previous album Bleed the Way which was already a remarkable debut by anyone’s standards. The entire album is an aural onslaught from start to finish”
Heavy Mag

Track listing:

1. The Deconstruct

Cut away at my lifeless corpse
Take all you want
I feel no pain
I yearn to give to be your slave
I will sacrifice for you
Tear at me with hooks and hands
Take all you want this flesh a stain

Destroy the flesh, engulf the soul
Take all you need, take what makes you whole
Remove all I have erase all I am out and see
See what I've gained

Strip me down 'til there's nothing left
Sate your hunger for my blood
I am the offering
Take my strength, my mind, my heart
All of my sacrifice will soon return in spades
I'll take back more than what you stole
Beware the virtue in give and take
And the pain that you feel won't be in vain
But your greed has made you blind
And in the darkness you will find
The light of another poisoned soul
Breathe new life to this writhing corpse
Your repentance is in vain
Fulfill the void that emptied me
I've sacrificed for you immortal husk
You lay stand forth this body lies in your wake
I'm more than once I was a lamb of ritual sacrifice
Ascend the alter
Change our course to turn back time

2. Corridors

This dark house you wander in
With corridors where the light is dim
All rooms hold tales of old
Moments where your soul was sold

She calls me in corridors
She screams out in corridors
She hides forever in corridors
All lost now in corridors

Open the door to a time now past
A world you forgot an existence untold
So much now returns to awaken the dark
It reaches your mind and straight through
Your heart thoughts held back and words
Long forgotten yet now lays this regret
Painted before you
These walls feel old and harsh to the touch
But memories within draw warmth
From you remembering innocence this place once held
But all's gone in corridors of old
Walls awash with red rage and hate
The acrid smell of death you can almost taste
Sends you spiraling to madness that's crazed and deranged
You'll end your life in this place that's her grave

3. The Abhorrent

The face in the mirror, it stares at me with disdain
Disdain and pure hate, an image I no longer know
A memory that just won't go away
Weakness is all that I see
A child with little understanding
I am reborn today, I hate what I've become
Detest the name that I've known
Let me kill you and start again
Let me go and never return

Scream as I say your name run away
Listen to me as I speak your name try and stay
Scream as I say your name run away
Listen to me as I speak your name try and stay

A representation of a life now gone naive and confused
I'm wiser now and know not to let them in
I'm wise enough to turn my back and run away
You cannot read the words that lay before your face
You choose to read between the lines
Lines that don't exist
All the things you think you are
But a farce of lies and deceit that you yourself
To shield what lies beneath
Why is honesty so hard to accept
Why are the words held with such regret
Why is this life so hard to forget
I hate what I've become
I detest the name that I've known
Let me kill you and start again
Let me go and never return

4. Elegant Deceit

Contemplating denial as the queen lays defiled
Forced hand choking life in the shadows of light
Cobbled stone blood red thorns lead a path to betrayal
Told to trust forced in faith the illusory veil

This will always burn you to the soul eviscerate
Dismember cremate disloyal distrust half truths
Turn to lust create and deny
In your elegant deceit

Torn from the inside out if push came to shove
If no wrong was held back disorder dissent the rapture
The end, queen of stone sold your heart
A lie of stone painted gold
Torn from the inside out lies worth their weight in gold
Torn from the inside out, tainted soul to behold
Right under your nose
Disloyalty abounds blissful ignorance naivety surrounds
Subdue feelings within taking flight with the doubts
Ignore traces of sin
Indiscretion the fire indifferent to suspicion
Extinguished with deceptions
Spat forth from your liar
Subdue feelings within
Sleep on sheets of depravity
Subdue feelings within
Blind to all sin

5. Resillusion

Pray the villainous choices we make content with their mistake
Taking refuge in debility refusing visions of prophecy
Callous acts of the torturer the mind to blame snared by the ensnarer
Look to find in the eye of the blind puzzled pieces as the picture unfolds
Enticing misdirection fades the fog misguiding dissipates the unforseen
The past unclean awaiting to start anew

Painted black while the colours bleed
The page lays blank for a tale's seed your resIllusion
Forced absolution lost in the corridors of truth that you seek

Stray from deception that holds us at bay
Chains will fall as the binds break away
To see the damage hidden from sight
In a future we mold is our right
To make to initiate to break down
The walls built to bury within
These confines traces of guilt
And sin deceiver all comes
Clear now absolver you are free noww
Delve into obscurity
Untold potential as the future
Holds the key to self inflicted worth
The body lays broken for this mind's rebirth
The binds unchained and future arranged
For you to rebuild and live forever in this dream

6. Degenerate

What's going on where the hell am I
Voices visions swirl around my mind
Where did they come from
Where did they go
How the hell am I to know
Fuck this constant drive that keeps me going
And chasing myself to feel alive
What will I become, a monster a travesty
Or will I become set free
Where the fuck did I come from
Where do I go and what have I done
Who the hell am I to know

Burn the mind insanity
Cut the flesh depravity
Become the demon tragedy
That does not rest

This burning feeling runs down my spine
The blade is twitching I feel alive
Do I want this so much now seriously
Who the hell am I know
Time to act on these urges to take what's mine
To have I want to feel the coursing blood run down my arm
But why
Who the hell am I to know
I see the pain it inflicts on me
The pleasure comes as metal and flesh meet finally
I come to this but why again
Who the hell am I to know
The transformation is now complete I brought the pain with me
To be all questions answered I know for sure
I am degenerate I am forever more

7. Sans Memoria

I scrape the past to find the traces of a blood severed line
Behind a veil forged of steel
Housing deceit never ending forever
Owing inside truth held but never showing
Gaze upon the river's glow
What tears at me will never show

Discorded chaos etched in me sand memory
Draped in calamity born of tragedy
Product of your insanity
Placated turmoil repeating unset
Destiny whatever comes whatever may
sans memory the path I lay

Discarded forgotten encapsulated times of old berated
Begotten the contradiction you behold
Time falls short for serenity as memories take hold of me
A false beginning lays in wake lunacy in divinity
Time awaits the refugee travel into obscurity
Without a past defined this life a chance for meaning prosperity

8. The Hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of democracy
Pollution fills the air
They wage wars on sin
But no nation wins
The falsities hidden from sight time unifies
Can you hear their lies deafening roar
Hear their scream in petrol you will douse
Take them to the slaughter house
You've seen it all a thousand times

Marching endlessly destination now defined
Existence is your only question
Marching mindlessly ask no questions
Tell no lies to the suffering offer no repentance

At home in the motherland
With iron pen in hand
They sign for death a million times
Barricade the doors they seek their silent wars
Revolution calls your name can you see
Infantry rolling up at your door
Make your stance
One last chance
To save the world from this destruction

9. Fragments

Why have you forsaken me
Am I really that bad
where did this all go wrong
The only person I could count on myself
A lie my mind in pieces all I have are sleepless nights
The thoughts that rule my mind
Light glimpses through closed lids
Spiraling to endless abyss

Show me the light how to break free
When the only thing that binds me is the fear in self belief
Is it better to never try and never to feel
Or to take your chances and live the dream

Fragments slip from this reality now
My own strength attacks me
Saps me of my will
I am lost forever in this vortex of sorrow
This nightmare can't be real
My guide where are you now
For this journey I will not regret
Give me the lift to climb these peaks
Give me the push to cross these lakes
This world unknown and curious
A place for me to call my own
A place where I am not alone

10. Archways

Tunnels and archways beckon me
Through these wormholes I journey to find my home
Glimpses collide to create my memories
Of the place that I belong
And the faces that wait for me this war in me
I've fought for eternity will soon be at an end
With no remorse or guilt in tow
I will return but draped in the knowledge that I now hone
To reap the seeds I've sown to live this life I own

I've been so far for far too long
That I can only wonder
If they will recognise this bruised and battered sacrifice
The journey has been long but the reward that I deserve
Is now within my reach and now my peace will come

The lessons that I have learnt
The brutal truths I found
Will make me ruler of my fate
And the future I've been shown
This war has left me scarred
This war has left me marred
But time will heal all wounds
Existence fought to be gained
Controlled and now sustained
All I did not trust assumes reality
For all the loss I faced
And now these tears run dry
I've finally found my way through these archways of lies

I've been so far for far too long
That I can only wonder
When I'll reach the end of these archways of lies
The journey has been long but the reward I deserve
Is to reach the end fo these archways of lies

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