Orpheus OMEGA – New Video clip + Official name change

ORPHEUS OMEGA – On the verge of releasing our second album, ‘ResIllusion’ we’ve had to make an official change to the band name in order to prevent any copyright and trademark issues that could arise in the future which would prevent us as a band to distribute our music in certain countries or areas and so, stopping you guys, our fans from being able to get our music.

Going forward as a band, we’ve decided to make a small amendment to the name to remain both unique and evolving along with the concepts and foundations the band and the ideas stemmed from.

As Orpheus the character is a part of important Greek mythology, we felt the logical addition to the name would be simply OMEGA as noted on the new logo with the Omega symbol sitting behind the original logo. We are still the same Orpheus you know and love and hope that this is an easy transition for you guys and for us. We look forward to kicking your ass with the new album.
Horns to you all

And with this news, comes the SECOND single and video clip off of the new album for Sans Memoria

Orpheus Omega


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