Archways Across Asia


Archways Across Asia is the quintessential Orpheus Omega DVD. Containing 14 songs from different shows along the 2014 Archways Across Asia tour and a dedicated but hilarious behind the scenes documentary that look into the band’s life on the road, this DVD is a must have for both Orpheus Omega fans and metalheads alike,

Show footage is captured from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Korea. Archways Across Asia Documentary filmed across entire tour.

Track listing:
1. The Deconstruct – Wuhan/ China
2. Winds Of Change – Guangzhou/ China
3.Neath (the shadow of the monolith) – Busan/ South Korea
4. Fragments – Wake Up Festival/ Taiwan
5. Common Enemy – Wuhan/ China
6. Archways – Kaohsiung/ Taiwan
7. De6enerate – Wuhan/ China
8. Elegant Deceit – Guangzhou/ China
9. A Thousand Times – Kaohsiung/ Taiwan
10. Unscathed – Wake Up Festival/ Taiwan
11. ResIllusion – Hong Kong
12. The Abhorrent – Wuhan/ China
13. Sans Memoria – Changsha/ China
14. Sealed In Fate – Wake Up Festival/ Taiwan

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