… The show must go on

As you’re all aware by now, our bassist and closest friend Adam ‘Milky’ Adams passed away on Friday the 3rd of May.
Upon hearing the news and having some time to chat about it, we were not in the right mindset in regards to whether or not we’d continue as a band.

But we’ve since made a decision, and we believe it’s the correct and only decision we could make. And that is to continue as a band and continue the journey we started over 5 years ago.
It really wasn’t a choice as such, because we know that if we ceased to be, it would be a dishonor to Milky and all he put in, and also to everything we as a unit have put in to the band.

As hard as it’s going to be to get back on our feet completely, we are going to do everything it takes to pick ourselves up and continue bringing you the music we love to make, and play the shows we love to play.

Your support and thoughts in this tough time means a lot to not only us, but Milky’s family. So thank you all, and we will see you all, one way or another \m/

Orpheus Omega

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